Our Architectural support staff is here to assist you in designing and specifying electrical, soffit, pocket and stack-back requirements. We have trained many architectural staff in complex solutions for the difficult and challenging world that is specific to your trade. Some of our services to you include:

  • Blueprint Takeoffs
  • Window treatment reference books, submittal, technical binders and photo references
  • Interior Elevation Sketches of all of our treatments
  • Specification of pocket sizes, electrical requirements, shading placement and dimensions
  • Design specific solutions for unusual applications such as floating curved ceilings or rake walls
  • In office or field consultations
  • Project interaction and follow-up with the electrical engineer, electrician, General Contractor, AV professional, and Designer verifying your architectural plan is being implemented by the trades as it meets the overall window covering and lighting control integration needs
  • Expertise in complex integration processes such as motorization and an explanation of the entire system of operation to you, your contractors and electricians.
Receive a full range of assistance, from verification of site conditions to consultation and blueprint analysis. Or, if you simply want to specify your treatments with a few words or a simple sketch, our project managers can take it from there with workroom reference scale drawings to guarantee the look you have envisioned.

It is in the best interest of the project and for the best seamless and excellent installation to get us involved early in the design process.